You cannot change a rose into a daffodil. The only thing you can do to a flower, is to either make it grow and blossom or else wither and die. That's how your astrological chart works!

Hot news

The hottest news from this website is the research project on male murderers's charts. Even though this project isn't finished yet, the results are remarkable. The first section deals with rectified charts only. In the second section I have investigated the solar influences from 5,040 male murderer birth dates. You can view the results here: Sun signs, Solar aspects and the Sun's aspect to fixed stars

Another interesting part of this website is the research on longevity. The results are highly significant, thereby indicating that our span of life is actually determined the moment we were born!

Through the years I have done a number of similar research projects into astrology. Most of them have been published in some form in my mohter tongue, which is Danish. Now is the time to publish this work to a broader audience - in other words: To translate them into English. This huge work will be done gradually in the time to come.