Typecasting your role models

I have never been happy with mainstream astrological character description. It is usually created with astrological cookbooks, i.e. paragraphs copied from astrological textbooks. In the worst cases you get 50 pages of absolutely useless text, where half of the statements is true and the other half is false. In the best cases you get 5-7 pages of text, where 75% of the statements is true.

In my astrological practice I have replaced the astrological character description with "typecasting of role models". Simplified: Which of the following types define you the most:

If you are a woman:

  • Marilyn Monroe (beauty)
  • Queen Elizabeth I (political skill)
  • Serena Williams (will to win)
  • Marie Curie (academic skill)
  • Charlotte Corday (courage)
  • Edith Piaf (singer)

If you are a man:

  • Vincent van Gogh (art)
  • Albert Einstein (academic skill)
  • Abraham Lincoln (political skill)
  • Bono (lead singer from U2)
  • Napoleon Bonaparte (military skill)
  • Muhammad Ali (will to win)

The idea is that I compare your chart with the charts from the above celebrities of your gender and find the one, whose chart is most similar to your chart. These two lists are foreseeable, containing only 6 celebrities from each gender. I can make the outcome of the comparison more precise by expanding the lists of celebrities to contain thousands of celebrities for each gender. At the present I have 2250 charts from female celebrities and 2450 charts from male celebrities for this purpose, and more charts are being added every day.

When I do the typecasting with your chart, the outcome is 3 celebrity names. From the biographies of these 3 people I write a character description for you of 4-5 pages, using my astrological knowledge to determine what shall be included and what shall not be included.

By studying your astrological role models' lives, you can identify your skills and resources. You will be able to determine what is the happiest, most fulfilling life available to you personally. You can learn from their errors and mistakes, thereby avoiding to repeat them, and you can mimic their strategies to obtain success.

Typecasting the client's role models with astrology is related to 2 other phenomena, which have become fashionable today:

  • DNA analysis: Several companies offers to analyze your DNA and reveal your biological secrets like e.g. which diseases you might get through a life time.
  • Genealogical research: You research your family's history to obtain knowledge about yourself.

 This page was last edited November 11th 2016.