Figure 1: Male murderers' birth year distributed over decades

The astrological profile of murderers

A preliminary sun sign statistics for murderers is presented here.

The research methods I have used to research professions and longevity in astrological charts can also be used to analyze crime. Such an attempt has been done before by several astrologers more or less succesfully, and it will undoubtedly be done many more times in the future. The purpose of this research is partly curiosity, partly a wish to create a tool, which can identify the criminal mind, be it before or after the crime has been committed.

Before presenting the research results, I think it is appropriate to address some issues concerning crime in general and my research in particular:

  • I saw a documentary on TV, in which the question was: How does a person become a violent criminal? Is the cause something genetic - or is it due to the environment? Research shows that genes are indeed involved. Criminals tend to have specific genes, namely the so-called the MAOA and CDH13 ‘human warrior genes’, but these genes exist within approximately 33% of the population. According to one hypothesis a male person will only become a violent criminal, if he is beaten up, neglected or abused as a child. This theory could explain why some people are beaten up and abused during childhood without ever becoming violent criminals. Something similar might be true for astrology: We might be able to spot the murderer's astrological profile, but the person only becomes a violent criminal under certain environmental circumstances.
  • Most criminals are male. For this reason it has been impossible to collect a sufficiently large sample of charts from female offenders, and as a result my research is limited to male offenders.
  • Murder is called "the ultimate crime", and for this reason I have limited myself to murderers and homicides alone in this research project. I define murder to be when a person kills another person, be it as a war crime, terrorism or motivated by a desire for money, sex or control. According to this definition people like Pol Pot or Adolf Hitler are not murderers, since they never personally killed anybody, although they ordered millions to be killed. Instead such people belong to another category, "tyrants" or "abusers of political power". I have also excluded soldiers, who kill on the orders of superiors as part of "legal" warfare.

Figure 2: Most prominent planets among male murderers

Figure 2 shows the distribution of male murderers among the 12 planetary vibrations. The bar diagram will be updated as more charts are rectified for this category. The results are highly significant. According to this Chi Square calculator, the p value (= probability) is below 0.0001.

Sun/Leo, Jupiter/Sagittarius and Pluto/Scorpio dominate by their presence, while Neptune/Pisces, Saturn/Capricorn and Uranus/Aquarius dominate by their absence. If we consult the astrological tradition, we end up with the following explanations:

  • The lion is the top predator in the animal kingdom, so it is no wonder, that the Sun/Leo vibration is strongly represented among murderers. When these people commit crimes, it's usually motivated by either fear of loosing face or else a desire to appear or be powerful. Furthermore the Sun/Leo type is most frequent among homicides committed in affect, which according to criminal statistics are rarely repeated by the same perpetrator. In other words Sun/Leo is prominent, when it comes to "crime passionelle" and neutral or absent, when it comes to organized crime, property crime or serial killers.
  • Jupiter/Sagittarius may in this context be motivated by a desire for attention, a wish to play God and/or greed; furthermore these people are influenced by a certain degree of shortsightedness. In spite of a high intelligence they may react on emotions rather than common sense.
  • Pluto/Scorpio may in this context be motivated by desire for revenge, power and/or sex; these people can be both passionate and reckless.
  • Saturn/Capricorn is rare among criminals, because in some ways this type is the opposite pole of both Jupiter/Sagittarius and Sun/Leo. Jupiter is about expansion and the centrifugal power, while Saturn is about the opposite, namely limitation and the centripetal power, better known as gravity. And just like the Sun shines like gold, Saturn's shine is dull like lead, meaning that the Sun enhances the ego, while Saturn oppresses the ego. In fact Saturn represents Sigmund Freud's super-ego in the natal chart - the father, who uses stern discipline for educational purposes.
  • Uranus/Aquarius is said to fight with his/her hat - in conflict situations these people tend to put on their hat and leave the scene. This type is much more about brain power than bold action. Often their vitality is weak, they don't possess the strength and surplus, we find in Leo, and hence their bodily intelligence is low - but they can still possess a relatively high IQ in other areas. I believe that is why we don't find a lot people from this type among the murderers.
  • Neptune/Pisces represents among other issues empathy and compassion. When this planetary vibrations is absent in a category, we can assume that the people of the category lack qualities like empathy and compassion. As a contrast a Robin Hood styled criminal like e.g. Jesse James will often have a prominent Neptune. Murderers belonging to this type may claim that their criminal deeds were an act of euthanasia.

As for the other 6 types you can find similar pecularities for each of them, although these observations should be viewed with great caution:

  • The Moon/Cancer type is by its very nature a businessman, and when they get involved in crime, it is usually motivated by a wish to make money, e.g. in organized crime.
  • The Mercury/Gemini type is in general motivated by high ideals, so it is no wonder that when they actually do commit murder, it often happens as the ideologically motivated terrorists.
  • The graphical symbol for Venus represents women, just like the graphical symbol for Mars represents men. When the male Venus/Libra type appears among murderers, it is often as the slayer of women or people, who are otherwise weak like the old or the feeble minded - as if this type somehow subconsciously wants to put Darwin's "survival of the fittest" theory into practice.
  • When Mars/Aries men kill, it is usually a matter of getting rid of competition, be it in love or business.
  • When Makemake/Virgo men kill, it is often a manifestation of a bizarre sexuality, which contradicts the fact that representatitives of this type are otherwise among the most "normal" of all people. It's as if you exaggerate "normality" you end up in its opposite pole. If the killer is also a rapist, you should usually look for a prominent Makemake.
  • The Eris/Taurus type is often considered to be a rock of stability, someone you can always rely on. Surprisingly this type is the most common among psychotic or deranged murderers.

Figure 3: Elements and qualities for male murderers

A catalogue of motives for murder

I have searched in the available litterature and on the Internet, and I am surprised that nobody else seems to have made the effort of categorizing the motives for crime in general and murder in particular. I believe that all murderers belong to one or more of the below categories, and I also believe that all people in a population hypothetically can be put into one or more of these categories, even though murderers represent only a small percentage of a population.

A. Greed and desire for money:

  • Burglars and thieves, who kill only when caught red-handed stealing, e.g. to avoid witnesses.
  • Organized crime like e.g. the mafia, people who believe killing is part of the business routine and nothing personal.
  • Robbers, who kill their victims as part of enriching themselves.

 B. Sexual control or satisfaction:

  • The jealoux lover, who prefers to kill his rival and/or sweetheart rather than seeing them live happily together.
  • A person obsessed with sex, someone who kills his victims as part of sex, like after having raped them or rape them after having killed them. The murder is basically a power demonstration.
  • The image-obsessed family father, who kills his wife, children and/or himself, when his image is cracking, e.g. because he is about to loose his job and future prospects.  Basically he kills, because he cannot mentally separate his beloved ones from his own ego.

C. Searching acknowledgment from superiors or others:

  • The war criminal, who breaks all laws of warfare and kills civilians and enemy soldiers alike rather than taking prisoners of war. Basically he wants to show his superiors that he is able to get the assigned job done.
  • Politically motivated terrorists, who believe the end justifies the means.
  • Outlaws like the ones in the American Old West, people who are motivated by maintaining honor and reputation without regard for human lives. Some gang members are actually more motivated by "honor" than greed.

D. Distorted psyche:

  • A psychotic person, who is so insane that he doesn't understand the consequences of his own actions.
  • A revengeful person, who kills because of real or imaginary insults or violations.
  • The drug addict, who is so toxicated by the substance, which he abuses, that he becomes temporarily psychotic and/or doesn't care about other people's wellbeing. Or else, he desperately needs money for his cravings.

A case with twins

The twin brothers Carl and Kenneth Buntion were born in 1944. We don't know if they are identical twins. You can find their charts in AstroDataBank here:

Kenneth died young, when he was only 27 years old, shot by Houston police officers. Carl is still alive at the age of 72 years, serving a sentence for shooting a Houston police officer in 1990, motivated by hate to the police for the killing of his brother. Both twins have "lengthy criminal histories". When defending himself in court, Carl has said that he was abused by his father, and we may assume that the same was the case for his twin brother.

This twin case is interesting, because when I rectified the twins' charts, I ended up with the same Kündig cut, meaning that they have exactly the same astrological chart. But their fates are different. Even though they have many things in commen, one died young as a murder victim, the other one ended up in jail as a murderer with a considerably longer life.

This case puts astrology and research into astrology into perspective. The ancient astrologers said that the stars encourage you, but they do not force you to do anything. The content of the birth chart does not determine your fate in advance, you still have a free will, and/or factors outside the chart like the environment or even spiritual forces (like e.g. God, angels or karma) may play a role in your fate.

It's my personal hypothesis that the astrological factors displayed in a chart have a lot in common with DNA. Your DNA encourages you to follow specific patterns of behavior, and it makes you susceptible to particular diseases, but it does not determine your fate in each and every detail. Just like it is still rewarding to study DNA, even though DNA does not determine every event in your life, in the same way it is still interesting to gain knowledge about astrology, even though astrological factors do not determine everything in your life.

Philosophical consequences

It's a curious thing how probing into one detail of astrology can change your entire view of how astrology works. Working with a mikro-cosmos seems to change my view of makro-cosmos!

So far the research into male murderers' chart is the biggest project I have undertaken so far. As I proceed rectifying more and more charts in an almost industrial assembly-line fashion I get a new sense of astrology.

Traditionally astrologers have expressed the opinion that your fate is determined by:

  • Celestial influences
  • Your free will (“The stars impel, they do not compel!”)

While scientists say that your fate is determined by:

  • Inheritance
  • Environment

What if both scientists and astrologers are right? Then your fate is determined by:

  • Celestial influences
  • Your free will (“The stars impel, they do not compel!”)
  • Inheritance
  • Environment

Traditional astrologers say that the inheritance is determined by the celestial influences - but two people with the same natal charts but different parents are not the same - their inherited genes play a huge role, which cannot be denied. For instance, according to astrology your appearance is determined by the celestial influences - but even if you are Kaukasian and have an astrological twin (i.e. a person with the same natal chart), who is Chinese, you will not look like a Chinese.

Let me phrase it in another way. Today we are 7.7 billion people on planet Earth. I refuse to believe that specific ethnic groups like Chinese people or African people have natal charts, which deviate from the Kaukasian charts. Ethnicity is a matter of genetics. In other words: It is impossible that a natal chart covers your enheritance 100%!

In the same way traditional astrologers would say that even the environment is determined by the celestial influences - I know for sure that it is true for famous astrologer Dane Rudhyar. My research into the charts of murderers, especially the mobster charts, suggests that this isn’t 100% true. The environment does play a huge role; if for instance Joe Gallo had not been born into a family, where the father was a bootleger, he wouldn’t necessarily have become a mobster later in lafe. (See also the national crime rates here). Nudging and grooming in the environment plays a huge role for crime.

In the same way scientists tend to ignore the free will - they prefer to present a human fate as a product of ineritance and environment, because including a free will would mean supporting the idea that something spiritual is at work - something, which expresses itself in moral and ethics. And traditionally scientists do not include anything spiritual at work - they prefer the Newtonian mechanics of cause and effect, something which is 100% materialistic.

And most scientists reject celestial influences entirely in spite of the growing amount of evidence in support of this ancient idea.

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