An AstroMate Run

An AstroMate Run consists of rectifying your chart and then run it against a category of your choice with AstroMate, a neural network developed forthe purpose.

At the moment the following categories contain enough charts for a succesful run with AstroMate:

  • Male executives: 646 rectified charts
  • Female executives: 342 rectified charts
  • Male and female solo athletes: 530 rectified charts
  • Female actors: 665 rectified charts
  • Male actors: 250 rectified charts
  • Military officers (only males): 381 rectified charts
  • Female singers: 349 rectified charts - this is the newest category!
  • Longevity: How old can I expect to become in this life? 1385 female rectified charts and 1774 male rectified charts in 4 categories: Less than 30 years, more than 90 years, between 30 and 60 years and between 60 and 90 years.

The AstroMate run was originally developed for companies or organisations about to recruit staff, especially managers. It can be risky to hire a manager, some simply don't have leadership abilities. Astrology can lend you a helping hand in the process.

Of course you can also order this service as a private person, who wish to determine your talents in a specific field. More categories will be added with time.

A run with AstroMate is a unique product only available from No other astrologer to my knowledge combines the following elements:

You can rely on this product, because it is based on observation and tests rather than handed down theory.

The runs with AstroMate are under constant development and refinement, mainly because more and more celebrity charts are being rectified and added to the collection. As more and more research results are being made, they will be published here at

This page was last edited November 11th 2016.