The text in this section is about the Gemini / Mercury type, which is not the same as being born in Gemini or having Mercury in Gauquelin sector. The astrological method for determining your type is described here.

The Gemini / Mercury type

The following brief description of Gemini has been inspired by the Danish astrology book ”Astrologiens verden” by Karl Aage Jensen. The text has been chosen for this context, because it is brief and condenses many of the Gemini characteristica.


”I have never said that!” ”What?” ”The stuff I said five minutes ago.” Gemini belongs to the category of mutable or double signs, which means that people of this type can change their point of view just as fast and just as often as others change their shirt. Their world is the intellect, they are bright, but in a superficial way, which means that they often lack the philosophical insight that could put their vast knowledge into a greater perspective. Since they are extroverts and often talented when it comes to communication, you will often find them among gossip journalists or people, who work with sales, advertising or marketing. They love a good argument and the game of convincing the opponent, so you might also run into them among politicians or lawyers. The Mercury type can be very charming, and it is seldom they become unpopular. They are surprisingly faithful in relationships, but don’t count too much on them when it comes to responsibility. It’s not that they don’t want to be dependable, but their souls are restless and there is so much going on in them.