Further observations on longevity

In this page I would like to draw your attention at some details regarding the longevity research. Please take a look at Figure 1 below. The figure shows all 12 planetary vibrations for males for an entire life.

  • Notice the brown line, which reflects the Jupiter type. Almost all the data are above the zero line - which is impossible. The same goes for the yellow line, which denotes the Eris type.
  • Notice the blue line, which reflects the Venus type. Almost all the data are below the zero line. The same goes for the dotted blue line, which denotes the Saturn type.

What we see here is the celebrity effect. I get most of my data from AstroDataBank. The charts from AstroDataBank belong by nature predominantly from celebrities. Apparently if you are male and a Venus type or a Saturn type, you will find it hard to become a celebrity, while the opposite is true for the Jupiter and the Eris type. From research, which I haven't published yet, I have discovered that the Jupiter and Eris type are the most dominant among single children, i.e. children without siblings.

Figure 1: Males, longevity entire life

In Figure 2 I have neutralised the celebrity effect in order to obtain a more true picture of longevity for the males. Here are some observations:

  • Isn't it amazing, how some of the lines mirrors each other, e.g. the Jupiter line versus the Neptune line? I have isolated these two lines in Figure 3. If you look closely at Figure 2, you can see that the Eris and Uranus lines also mirrors each other, even though it is at a lesser degree than with the Jupiter and Neptune line.
  • The male baby killers seem to be Makemake, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto. According to traditional astrology Saturn is a baby killer, ref. the mythology, in which Saturn eats his own children.
  • In this picture it also becomes clear that the fire planets tend to have the shortest lives: Jupiter, Sun and Mars, while the water planets tend to have the longest lives: Moon, Neptune and Pluto, even though Pluto has its climax at 90-99 years. (But Mercury and Eris are also favourable for long lives among men.) We know that the fire planetary types are prominent among athletes - and scientific research conducted at Copenhagen University, indicates that athletes die earlier than other people. You can find a Danish article on this research here and an English article here.

Figure 2: Males, longevity entire life, with celebrity effect removed

Figure 3: Males, longevity entire life, example of mirroring lines

Figure 4 and 5 show the equivalent lines for females.

Figure 4: Females, longevity entire life

Figure 5: Females, longevity entire life, with celebrity effect removed

Here are some observations regarding the females:

  • In Figure 5: Notice how the Makemake-line and the Neptune-line mirrors each other! I have isolated these two lines in Figure 6.
  • In Figure 5: Notice how the Moon-line seems to top at the age of 40-49 years, when women have their menopause. And since the Moon signifies motherhood in astrology, the female menopause is a period of crisis. I assume the death cause in these cases to be cancer. In research, which I have not published yet, becuase the number of charts isn't sufficiently large yet, female cancer patients primarily belong to the Moon-type - and the Moon rules the zodiacal sign Cancer!
  • In Figure 2: Notice how the lines seem to gather at the zero line at the age of 40-49 years for males. I similar phenomona can be registered in Figure 5 for females at the age of 60-69. An explanation is provided in the Figure 7 and the following text.

Figure 6: Females, longevity entire life, example of mirroring lines

Figure 7: Males die before females

The source for Figure 7 is the Danish magazine "Historie" number 15/2015. "Historie" quotes "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences". The research is done on the American population, and since my charts belong primarily to people from the Western world, I assume that the results can be used on my data collection to some degree.

The bar diagrams show that between 1800 and 1955 males tend to die more frequently than females, and that this tendency had increased over this period. Between 1920 and 1955 110% more men than women died at the age of 60 years - the equivalent number was only 25% between 1800 and 1879!

The researchers blame smoking, heart-diseases and obesity for the increased mortality among men compared to women, but I believe the many wars, which have been fought during those years also have a share of the blame.

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