Sun sign statistics for the male murderers

Many people have asked me about the sun signs of the male murderers, so I have made a statistic count of them in my research project. One should always remember that the Sun sign itself only represents a small fraction of an entire birth chart - I belive 2-5% - but in popular astrology it is definitely overrated, if you ask me.

Figure 1 shows the count with 5,040 male murderer birth dates. To make a long story short: There is no statistical significane in this result - there is no such thing as a "murderous sun sign". The fact that Aquarius is the most frequent sun sign and Aries the least frequent sun sign in this statistic is completely accidential - which becomes clear when the numbers are run through a Chi Square calculator.

If you wish to get an idea about the statistical significance is calculated, please check out this page

Figure 1: Sun sign distribution among 5040 murderers

Table 1: Sun sign distribution among 5040 murderers

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